Jennifer Ashley, Host of Ashley’s Closet TV Show, Talks With Arthur Silber, Jr., About His Book, Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me
and My Shadow, 
His Life in Show Biz and More 

The 25 years that Arthur Silber spent with Sammy Davis, Jr. as friend, business partner, confidant and alter ego involved not only the growth of a young man from a member of music to an international sensation on his own but the evolution of the world in every send of our existence. 1950 to 1975 society convulsed, musical tastes changed dramatically, the Cold War broke out hot around the world with nuclear danger and a sexual and societal revolution left many performers like Sammy feeling out of place.

Many of those performers found their music come back into popularity later on, but many were not around to see the circle come back to them, Sammy Davis, Jr. was one of them.