Sammy Davis & Arthur Silber Samart Video Productions

During their years together, Arthur Silber and Sammy toured together, collaborated on professional projects, traveled together on vacation, invested in businesses and ideas together, chased women together, suffered setbacks together, fought racism together and essentially lived a bright and full life together. Their company, Samart Productions, which still exists, produced the two videos described and linked up below. 

Sammy Quick Draw 001 300.jpg 72Sammy with Gun 001 72For example, Sammy was obsessed with Western lore, quick draw gun play, sword fighting and cameras. In their spare time they practiced quick draw, staged fights movie style and made some rather creative videos on their own. Two of them are linked below having been preserved by Arthur Silber, Jr. since they were produced in 1957. 

Target Practice 001 72Movie Western Fight 001 72

Click Here to see their silent western movie, Captured, filmed in 1957. Note: the photos above were taken during this shoot in the desert outside of Las Vegas.

Snapshot of You Tube screen with Sammy Davis-Arthur Silber Western Music Video, 1957.Also in 1957 Sammy Davis, Jr., who everyone knows was great dancer, and Arthur Silber, Jr. filmed a Western Music video with Will Maston, Big John Hopkins, Boots Wade and the Hal Lowman Dancers and filmed at the Silver Slipper Hotel in Las Vegas.

Click Here to see the Western Music Video from Samart Enterprises, the company started by Sammy and Arthur for their various projects.  

Sammy Bojangles 72

Sammy on stage with spotlight #254