Video of Sammy Davis, Jr. Dancing Boogie Woogie
in 1938 with Will Mastin Trio, Truly Classic

Will Mastin was Sammy’s uncle and Sam, Sr. was part of the group, which young Sammy started performing with by the age of three. He grew up on the boards of vaudeville, never learned to write, had no schooling and learned his craft on the road from those around him backstage  Arthur Silber, Sr., the author’s father, handled many top acts and the Will Mastin Trio was one of them. Arthur, Jr. accompanied them on a trip to Hawaii in 1949 and bonded immediately with Sammy, who was about the same age, and they were practically inseparable for over 25 years.

Read Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me and My Shadow by Arthur Silber, Jr. to really know the man behind the legend.